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 fresh music freaks / 2019

“POWABUNGA | GROOVIN’ WITH OUR HEADS IN THE CLOUDS!” …Now, picture thousands of brightly-colored, sparkly, fur-coat and onesie wearing party people running rampant through town late into the night. That’s what Powabunga was all about! We hit the legendary slopes and boogied the night away for two days straight. Although I didn’t get to experience the sold-out afterparties (which I heard were awesome), I did get to partake in just about everything else. The first year of this mountain festival was wild, intimate, and nothing short of epic…
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 EDM Sauce / 2019


While Colorado has seen mainstays such as Sonic Bloom, there aren't many offerings, especially with Red Rocks shows gobbling up a lot of the talent. This is why we were so pleased to discover the 2 day festival up in Vail called Powabunga. Considering it has the backing of the city of Vail itself (no small feat) and it brought on powerhouses like Zhu and Justin Jay – we had to see what all the hype was about.

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 303Magazine / 2019

With the Rocky Mountains in our backyard, Colorado has a vivid history of mountain music festivals. There’s just something about etching tracks down the mountain and finishing the day with good music and a cold beer that can’t be beaten. Today, Vail has added a festival of their own to the mix.

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Vail Daily

Powabunga—the inaugural music, mountain and art festival in Vail, Colorado taking place on March 22 and 23—has announces its lineup, featuring performances from viral powerhouse ZHU, Grammy-winning duo Bob Moses, Boombox, Justin Jay's Fantastic Voyage, De Lux, ISHI and more.

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